Business Assessment

What is it?

Even after establishing your business, understanding where to go next can be confusing and daunting. Without proper planning, it’s all too easy to focus solely on the day-to-day and lose sight of the bigger picture for your future. The Roadmap is an expertly crafted questionnaire that looks at several key areas for every business and focuses in on the most important things you can do to strengthen and grow your business. The questionnaire is responsive to your choices, and upon completion will deliver a customized report on your current standing and recommended next steps. Using the roadmap application will all allow you to map out and organize your future in a comprehensive way.

How to Complete the Assessment?

Begin mapping out your business’s projection by logging into the business assessment portal.

Log in to you account and select “Business Assessment”

This will bring you to the first page of the assessment, explaining what the Road Map is designed to do. Press “Next” to continue.

For Steps 2-8 in the assessment, you will answer specific questions about your business and business structure.  Depending on your responses, some questions will update in real time, to ask follow-ups based on the information you’ve provided. This will provide a more accurate analysis of your business trajectory.

After answering the final screen of questions, submit the questionnaire.

After submitting your responses, the assessment will generate a PDF for you to download and review

In the PDF, you will be able to read the analysis for each section and see recommended next steps for your business.

For further guidance and assistance on putting your business on the road to success, we recommend researching answers with a consultant.  GoSmallBiz also assists with unlimited business consultations through its Guide bundle.

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