Legal Consultation

What is it?

If you require legal assistance, you have access to anexpansive network of lawyers from coast to coast. You can get referred to oneof our attorneys and receive a consultation for your legal concern.

How can I contact?

  1. Begin by calling the GoSmallBiz customer hotlineat 866-467-6249. GoSmallBiz is available Monday–Friday from 9AM–7PM ET
  2. You will speak to a GoSmallBiz representativewho will document all preliminary information such as: Name, company, phone,email, business zip code, and general legal matter. Our legal team needs thisinformation to research and match you to the most qualified law office in yourarea in the appropriate legal field.
  3. Once the data is collected, it is sent to thelegal team, which will find the best fitting attorney based on location,language preference, and legal need. The GoSmallBiz representative willtransfer you to the referrals department.
  4. You will speak to a legal referral that willissue you lawyer to a specific law office.
  5. Once you have received the referral (bothverbally and by email) and completed your call with the GoSmallBiz legal team,you can call the lawyer to set up an appointment with the law office.
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