Tax Consultation

What is it?

Knowing what to do when you have tax questions about your business is important. Fortunately, you can reach out and speak to a tax consultant about any of your tax concerns. 

How to get tax help?

  1. Call GoSmallBiz at 866-467-6249. You will be greeted by one of our Support Team reps 
  2. Request to speak to a tax consultant. You will be transferred to Tax Hotline. 
  3. The Tax Hotline specialist will collect preliminary information such as name, contact info, and general tax question in order to get you in contact with the correct type of tax consultant 
  4. Speak to a tax consultant.   .
    1. Your tax consultant will provide you with their details for questions going forward. 

If you do not have a GoSmallBiz subscription with a Tax Hotline benefit, the initial 15 minutes will be complimentary; to continue to receive tax advice via phone thereafter, you will need to purchase a GoSmallBiz subscription that includes the Tax Consultation Service.

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