Live Tech Support

What is it?

If you need assistance with technology in your business, you can contact a live tech support agent who can help you troubleshoot all of your questions and concerns with the machines in the office. They can also provide on-site assistance at a discounted rate. 

How do I get help?

  • Call 844-682-5957
  • Select out of the prompt
    • 1 – Speak to someone
    • 2 – Schedule an appt
    • 3 – Speak to customer care
  • Select what you want
  • Wait to be transferre
    • Depending on the call volume, you may hear hold music.
  • The tech will answer.
    • If there is high call volume, there may be a customer service rep who will answer instead and take your credentials, and the tech will call you back as soon as possible
  • They will ask for the below info:
    • Time Zone
    • Phone
    • Name
    • Issue
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