Site Dashboard

The GoSmallBiz Site Dashboard is your website control panel. On the main page you will see the following options:

Help Guides:  Easily access links to site-building help guides.

Change Website Template: You can change your website template by submitting a ticket to, let us know what template you would like to change it to.

Note: We advise members to change templates before adding content. All of your content will be replaced when you select a new template.

Adding your domain:  If you own your domain name, contact your domain provider and have them point an “A Record” to the following IP Address:  Once that is complete, go back to the builder dashboard under “Account” and enter the domain and click on “Set Custom Domain”.

Page Builder Tutorial Video: Watch this video to learn how to build your website.

On the left side you will see the following options:

Pages: Select “All Pages” to view and edit your existing page names. Add new pages by selecting “Add New.”

Blog Posts: If you want to add your own blog posts to your website, you can manage them here.

Media: Easily add any photos and documents you wish to display on your website.

Menus: Manage your menu structure here. You can drag your pages up and down to re-arrange the order, as well as creating sub-pages.

Appearance: Customize your theme styles, learn more here.

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