CRM Security Roles

There are 4 different roles available for CRM users: Super Admin, Manager, Employee,and Contractor.

See permissions for each below:

Super Admin

  1. Controls Everything (can make global & individual changes)
  2. Owns all Contacts
  3. View/Add User Licenses and update subscription payment info


  1. Import Contacts
  2. Assign Contacts
  3. Move Contacts into and between contact groups
  4. Merge Duplicate Contacts
  5. Create Groups
  6. Create Marketing Campaigns
  7. View all Contact Information
  8. Change contacts details
  9. Assign Tasks to individual Employee security roles
  10. Create, view and edit Events
  11. View all shared contacts, Un-share contacts and assign shared contacts
  12. Create, View and edit proposals
  13. Assign MailChimp list access to Employee security role users
  14. Subscribe & Unsubscribe contacts from MailChimp lists


  1. Add Contacts
  2. View all Contact Information
  3. Change contact details
  4. Create, complete new, note tasks for themselves only
  5. View, Create, Edit Events
  6. View shared contacts assigned to them
  7. Subscribe or unsubscribe assigned contacts to their assigned MailChimp lists

Contractors& Temporary 

  1. Import contacts
  2. Add Contacts
  3. Edit Contacts they have added
  4. Contractors cannot view any contacts other than what they have added

**You can manage roles by logging into your GoSmallBiz account and clicking on “My Account” in the upper right corner. Click on “Users/Apps” to assign roles to users.

**Your subscription comes with 2 user licenses. Each additional user is $5 per user per month. Contact GoSmallBiz Support to add additional users.

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