Hiring Templates

Within the “Hiring” section, you can create Employment Ads, Job Interview Forms, and Candidate Evaluations templates.

Note: The available templates are not displayed until you create a new template. Once you save a template, it will appear under “All Documents” as well as in its respective category.

To get started, select “CREATE NEW TEMPLATE” in the top left. You will be presented with the following options:

Create new job ad– Select a category and go through the wizard to create a job ad for your business. This includes steps to make an opening statement, define the compensation range, and outline the position’s work schedule.

Prepare an evaluation form for a new job opening- Easily track your evaluation of candidates here in a few quick steps. 

Create new printable worksheet- Print out job interview evaluation forms here. You can also search through available interview questions or create your own list to print out for your next job interview.  Easily save the form for future modifications.

Create new interactive worksheet- Create, save, and print job interview forms.

Updated on April 26, 2019

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