Adding a Blog

Blogging helps you drive traffic to your website. It can also help you build relationships with customers and prospects and boost your social media presence. Blogs can also improve the SEO quality of your website, giving you more opportunities to rank higher in search engines and attract more customers to visit your site! To add a blog, follow the steps below:

Log into your GSB account and go to your Website Builder, then select “VISIT SITE DASHBOARD.”Go to “Pages” and select “Add New.” Name your new page “Blog” and click on the blue “PUBLISH” button.

Select the “Blog Posts” option on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Select from the Blog Posts options: All Posts (to edit existing posts), Add New (to create a new post), or Categories (To put your existing posts into categories). To add a new post, simply add a title and the body of the blog. You can add images, links, and more! Once you’re finished, click the blue “publish” button on the right of the screen. To add the post to a certain category, you can select the category or add a new one.

Go to the Dashboard and select “Appearance” > “Customize Theme” > “Settings.”

Click “Homepage Settings” and then click the drop-down under “Posts Page” in order to select which page you would like your blog posts to appear on. Then click on the blue “PUBLISH” button

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