Domain Name

What is it?

When building a website, you need both great content as well as a unique and memorable name. That will help you build your brand with customers and better communicate who you are and what your company represents. You need to make sure you have access to this domain on the internet. With our domain name service, you’ll be able to find the domain name you want in order to strengthen your brand. 

How do I get my own domain?

When you decide to build a website, making sure you have the perfect domain name is pivotal to carving out your identity on the web. Searching to make sure you can use the name and implementing it is key. In the GoSmallBiz checkout, make sure to select the domain name subscription. You will be able to ensure you select an available name. Once the website is built, our representatives can aid in making sure the domain name is active when people visit your site.  

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